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A Peachy Blend of Brazilian and Colombian Coffee Beans

Grown at 1,650 meters in the Huila region by Diomed Montano Tovar, this fully washed coffee is a perfect example of why we love Colombian coffee beans. The delicate sweet tea notes of this mixed blend coffee anchors the cup with a dynamic acidity of guava, peach and blackberry. Paired with our Sitio Dos Ipes Brazillian coffee beans, this fresh roasted coffee acquires milk chocolate taste which completes its fantastic full flavoured profile. This is largely thanks to the exceptional climate, mountainous topography and rich soils of the Brazilian region, all of which create the ideal conditions for coffee production.

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Full-bodied, chocolate and toffee fresh roasted coffee with peachy sweetness and a nutty finish.

Tasting Profile 

  • Flavours – Chocolate, Toffee, Peaches and Almond
  • Aroma – Slightly Earthy, Chocolate and Stone Fruit
  • Body – Syrup, Full-Bodied
  • Acidity – Medium

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