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Syrupy Smooth, Golden Espresso Roast

We've been selling our house espresso roast for a while now and it always goes down a storm. It's big, full-bodied and deliciously caramelised, with a fruity twist. Made using exquisite high altitude Arabica beans blended and roasted to a distinct profile, it's the perfect coffee for espresso-based drinks. The Sumatran coffee beans provide the deep chocolate bass notes and heady cherry fruit notes of the blend, which burst through milk and make a great base espresso. Meanwhile, the natural Brazilian coffee beans from the Ascarive Co-op add a sweet nutty aroma and a creamy body to the blend. Together, the Brazilian and Sumatran coffee beans complement each other to create a balanced, syrupy espresso roast with strong chocolate notes, stone fruit finish and a deep crema.

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Syrupy and full-bodied espresso roast with caramel and chocolate notes followed by stone fruit flavours.

Tasting Profile

  • Flavours – Caramel, Cocoa, Cherry and Almond
  • Aroma – Slightly Earthy, Chocolate
  • Body – Syrup, Full-Bodied
  • Acidity – Low

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Get in touch to arrange a coffee tasting session with the team at our showroom, and while you're visiting we will give you a full tour of our roastery. Unable to make it to us? Don't worry we can travel to your place. Let us know what's best for you, we don't want you to miss the chance to try our signature espresso roast!

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