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The Best Light Roast Coffee for a Deep, Fruity Experience

Acacias is a selection of the best light roast coffees from the former Central Province region. Handpicked when ripe, the cherry is delivered to the wet mill, sorted and pulped, all on the same day to ensure no uncontrolled fermentation occurs. The ‘Kenyan’ style of preparing the best light roast coffee includes sending out the coffee to soak in tanks under clean water for an additional 8-16 hours and using river water to process and recirculate it before disposal. This process helps bring clarity to the cup and prolongs the qualities of acidity before drying under the sun.

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With its natural sweetness and light fragrance this light roast coffee is a crowd pleaser which showcases enticing elegant and feminine flavours.

Tasting Profile

  • Flavours – Butterscotch, Milk Chocolate, Lime with a Strawberry Jam Sweetness
  • Aroma – Light floral
  • Body – Medium
  • Acidity – Bright

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