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Almond and Caramel Roasted Ethiopian Coffee with a Syrupy Honey Sweetness

Famous as the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia’s Kaffa region forests house the wild growing Coffea Arabica, which produces some of the world's most varied and distinctive coffees. We have taken this classic roasting Ethiopian coffee, and paired it with traditional Brazilian coffee beans to create a distinctive coffee with deep, varied notes which make it a great 'all day' coffee, perfect for both espresso and filter.

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An elegant roasting Ethiopian coffee with lemon and honey notes , complete with a caramelised nutty finish.

Tasting Profile

  • Flavours – Milk Chocolate, Lemon, Almond
  • Aroma – Light and Nutty
  • Body – Medium
  • Acidity –  Medium

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Get in touch to arrange a coffee tasting session with the team at our showroom, and while you're visiting we will give you a full tour of our roastery. Unable to make it to us? Don't worry we can travel to your place. Let us know what's best for you, we don't want you to miss the chance to try our freshly roasted coffees!

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