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A Unique Single Origin Coffee Brew with a Sugar Cane Sweetness

The Costa Rican Tarrazu area is divided in to three parts – Dota, Tarrazzu, and Leon Cortes, often dubbed Los Santos after the three main towns, San Pablo, San Marcos, and Santa Maria de Dota. We take the Costa Rican beans and roast it to a medium profile to extract the intricate flavours and let the coffee develop to its true level. This single origin coffee makes a lovely filter coffee.

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The Honey Process* Costa Rican beans make a stunning single origin coffee with a beautiful floral aroma, clean, juicy, orange and raspberry overtones and a candyfloss sweet finish.

*Honey process is used to describe the practice of laying the pulp from the coffee cherry on the drying green coffee to impart the fruit flavours into the coffee.

Tasting Profile

  • Flavours – Candyfloss, Orange, Fruity Chocolate
  • Aroma – Floral and Fruity
  • Body – Light
  • Acidity – Fair

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Get in touch to arrange a coffee tasting session with the team at our showroom, and while you're visiting we will give you a full tour of our roastery. Unable to make it to us? Don't worry we can travel to your place. Let us know what's best for you - we don't want you to miss the chance to try our freshly roasted single origin coffee.

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