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What We Do

Coffee quality has a huge impact on consumers, with taste and sustainability impacting the brand perception of your farm shop. Since 1985 everything we have done at Bridge Coffee Roasters has been for the love of coffee. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing premium farm shops with exceptional coffee beans that have been ethically sourced from farms around the world, and roasted by us in Wales. With quality at our core, we provide coffee beans through a range of brands to serve at your farm shop cafe with fair trade and sustainable sourcing practices in mind. Moreover, we excel in our service as a coffee machine supplier to make sure that any farm shop is equipped with the most ideal, top of the range equipment for their needs and demands.

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Why Bridge?

For more than 30 years we’ve been captivated by coffee and now provide complete coffee solutions to organisations across the UK. From the start we learnt the incredible importance of quality coffee and customer service, these lessons have helped us grow and develop and are just as important today as they were at the beginning. Everything we do is driven by our passion for coffee, sharing the knowledge and expertise we’ve gained provides us with the privilege of being able to help coffee businesses grow.

Our Sustainable Sourcing Promise

Our commitment is to bring you the ultimate coffee experience, one that is responsibly produced, from seed to cup. This is not merely ideology. This is everyday practice.

Every coffee has:

  • Specific Social Impact in each region.
  • Sustainable environmental practices in place.
  • Tractability directly to specific farms or community of farms (co-
Video - Working With Us

As The Udder Farm Shop trebled their capacity, they wanted to up their coffee game, too. Thanks to our specialist coffee and training sessions, they’re now getting great customer feedback.

Cleverchefs chose Bridge Coffee Roasters to help create their signature blend, Clevercoffee.

"The install all went well thank you, the engineers were extremely friendly, efficient and helpful. All the staff who have used the machine so far have commented on the improvement of the quality of drink"

Peter Larman

Catering Manager, Peterhouse College, University of Cambridge

"All is going really well so far and the team seem to have benefitted from the training. The mobilisation was very smooth and we look forward to using the Puqpress in DCV soon"

Martin Batt

Head of Hospitality, University of Reading

"Your install team and training team carried out their roles professionally and cared about our site, allowing staff to work if needed. They got on very well with our staff and put their minds at ease. I received many positive comments from our management team, high credit to all"

Karen Gallant

Assistant Catering Manager, University of East Anglia

“They were able to provide me with everything that I needed, from the equipment to the training and quality of the coffee, the time and effort they put into that was quite astounding.”

Nik Edwards

General Manager, The Udder Farm Shop

“They have gone above and beyond, their set up is industrial enough to help us grow, we were just quite taking aback by the level of service and quality of bean that they offered.”

Nick Collins

Managing Director, Cleverchefs

“Given this is our first time introducing a coffee programme, Bridge Coffee Roasters have done a wonderful job with training and meeting our requirements. Installation was professional but done in an approachable way and we are excited to work with the roasting team going forward!”

Remi Williams

Chef/Co-Owner, Smoke & Salt

“Bridge Coffee Roasters are a pleasure to work with, and delivered the best quality coffee solutions for the Resort. Receiving the full package from speciality coffee, professional equipment and servicing through to high quality barista training meant that we were able to easily improve the quality and consistency of our coffee across the whole of our outlets. We were really blown away by their expertise in coffee, and look forward to our continued relationship.”

Rachel Beer

Purchase Buyer, Vale Resort

“Bridge Coffee Roasters are truly masters of the detail. From the origins of the coffee to the whole roasting process, their knowledge of coffee has allowed us to trust their decisions. They understand our challenges and always help us to find solutions, which is why Bridge Coffee Roasters are a great partner for us”

Helena Hudson

Founder, Real Eating Co.

A Coffee Brand for Your Farm Shop

This is an opportunity to put your brand name on fresh, delicious coffee. Coffee that tastes so good you will be proud to put your name to it. Through our White Label coffee service, any farm shop can create their own branded coffee line that reflects the core aspects of their business. Through our sustainably sourced coffee range, including direct trade and fair trade certifications, you can be comfortable in knowing that your coffee sales are directly boosting the livelihoods of the growing communities.

We work in partnership with your business to apply our market insight and coffee knowledge to your commercial goals and coffee aspirations to create something that is truly unique to your farm shop.

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