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Jack Merriman

Content Marketing Manager

Setting up your Mahlonig E65S Espresso Grinder

In this short article and accompanying video, we’re going to walk you through getting started with your e65s and e65s Grind by weight espresso grinders from Mahlkonig, and talk about the regular cleaning cycles you should be performing to keep it in good condition. Interested in learning more about the E65S GBW? Check out our full review here.

Getting Started with the E65S

So before you can turn on the grinder you’ll need to make sure the hopper is attached. Once attached, hit the on and off switch on the back and load your beans into the hopper.

You can now use the paddle on the top of the grinder to calibrate your coffee grinder for espresso. To get the perfect grind size, dial left or towards a lower number to grind finer, and right towards a higher number for a coarser grind. Continue fine tuning your grind size until you hit your espresso recipe targets and the coffee is tasting great. Next, make sure that the dose is properly set according to your espresso recipe. With the Grind by Weight version you can calibrate the dose using the button on the bottom left of the screen. On the standard e65s you’ll be using a grind by time system, so to measure how much coffee is being dosed out you’ll want to use an external scale. Simply tare out the portafilter, grind one dose and weigh the output, then adjust the time as necessary to get closer to the required dose.

Cleaning your E65s Espresso Grinder

To keep the grinder clean through daily usage, we simply recommend wiping down all external surfaces at the end of every shift. Once a week, it is a good idea to perform a deep clean of the burrs especially prior to days when the grinder will not be in use.

How to Deep Clean the E65s Grinder

You can do this using coffee grinder burr cleaning tablets, which are essentially food safe coffee bean sized tablets made up of different cereals and grains that help remove any oils from inside the grinding chamber.

First close the bean gate and purge through any beans remaining in the grinding chamber. This should be about two shots of coffee but keep grinding till nothing comes out. Then remove the hopper and dispense any beans back into their bag or a separate container. Place the hopper back onto the grinder and add 30-40 grams of the tablets into the hopper. Grind these through into the portafilter and dispense into the bin. Keep grinding until everything has gone through.

Pour your beans back into the hopper and purge at least a shot of coffee through the grinder to make sure all of the cleaning tablets have been ground through.

Every once in a while we recommend performing a deep clean of the grinder where you remove the burrs and clean out any coffee grounds or oils. This can be a little fiddly and take some time which is why we recommend the cleaning tablets for your regular cleaning and leaving this to your manager, head barista or even your machine supplier when they next visit.

Interested in the E65S?

You can learn more about the grinder by heading to our E65S product page or giving it a trial run in our Showroom here at our main headquarters in Cardiff. Or if you’re ready to buy, get in touch with us. Consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel for video reviews like this, brew methods and recipes each week.