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Jack Merriman

Content Marketing Manager

White label or private label coffee. Whatever you call it, if you’re asking ‘How Much Does it Cost?’, then you’re clearly doing some in depth research.

Many businesses are keen to introduce a white label coffee, allowing them to place their logo onto a coffee that aligns with their branding without the overheads of a fully-fledged coffee roasting business. As a White Label Coffee provider ourselves, the most common question we’re asked about our private branded coffee service is about the pricing, and we don’t want you to be surprised when receiving a quote.

So, whilst we can’t speak for the industry as a whole, this article will give you an idea as to how much you can expect to pay for a white label coffee and what kind of factors affect the final price.

What Affects the Price of White Label Coffee?

There are many factors that influence the pricing of white label coffee services, most of which we’ll cover in this blog post. These include:

  • Coffee Quality
  • Coffee Certifications
  • Order quantity and contract type
  • Branding
  • Packaging

White label is priced per kilo as standard, and the final price can vary drastically. But, for a rough ballpark figure, our white label coffee offering typically ranges from anywhere between £8 to £20 per kilo.

Continue reading to learn about the different factors that affect the answer to your question about white label coffee pricing.

Coffee Quality

Probably the most obvious factor affecting the price is the quality of the coffee itself. It almost goes without saying, but; higher quality coffees cost more than lower quality coffees.

Commodity coffees are typically less traceable, with farming practices geared towards volume of output. Wholesale commodity coffee prices such as those found in our Amico range, without the additional costs associated with a white label service, typically cost from £8 up to £15 per kilo list pricing.

The next step up in quality are specialty coffees, with an SCA score of at least 80, such as in our Roots and Explorers ranges. Our pricing for these coffees begin at £12 per kilo for blends, and £20 for single origin coffees.

Finally, the top end of coffee quality features great levels of care in maintaining traceability, processing methods and growing practices. For the top end here, you can expect to pay £20-£30 per kilo before white label services are added.

If you’re looking to purchase a bespoke single origin coffee only available under your brand, be prepared to pay an additional premium. Bespoke coffees are typically reserved for our customers with an annual coffee usage of 4,000kgs and above.

Coffee Certifications

Having a Fairtrade or Organic white label coffee is attractive for many businesses, but incur additional costs as certifying a coffee all the way from farm to cup isn’t free.

It’s difficult to provide an exact price figure here but as a rough guideline based on our own coffees, you can expect to pay 20-30% more for a certified Fairtrade or Organic coffee.


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Order Quantity and Contract Type

Many coffee roasters offering a private label service will have minimum order requirements. Higher levels of annual usage may incur savings for every additional kilo of coffee, though we typically provide additional services according to usage levels rather than increasing the price.

At Bridge Coffee Roasters, customers ordering additional quantities of coffee will be able to select their own bespoke blends, origins, roast profiles and farm relationships starting at 4,000kg annual usage.

Other products and services that are tied in to the white label coffee contract are also likely to affect the price of the coffee, such as espresso machines, coffee equipment and accessories, barista training or service & maintenance cover. It’s often the case that the final price of private labelled coffee will be lower when part of a large contract incorporating many different services.

Branding and Packaging

Many white label coffee roasting companies provide their customers with additional branding, logo design and packaging services for private label coffees. For some this will incur further costs, whereas other providers may offer this free of charge for large enough customers.

For our customers ordering an annual volume of 8,000kg or more, we are happy to provide fully designed and bespoke packaging as part of the agreement, that can be tied into an existing logo and brand, or a newly designed branding.

The Value of White label Coffee? Priceless.

Don’t let the numbers above shy you away from incorporating your own white label coffee. Compared to roasting the coffee yourself, White Label is:

  • More Cost Effective
  • Less Wasteful
  • Far Less Hassle
  • Impactful
  • Easy

Without any of the costs or headaches associated with roasting your own coffee, introduce a bespoke single origin or coffee blend into your product line with the White Label Coffee Service at Bridge Coffee Roasters.

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