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Jack Merriman

Content Marketing Manager

Sanremo are amongst the leading espresso machine manufacturers in the modern age of third wave specialty coffee. Many people are keen to invest into a Sanremo machine for themselves, whether it’s for their home coffee bar or their new business venture and are wandering where the differences lie between the machines on offer.

We sell and lease Sanremo espresso machines to our wholesale customers, and you should be aware of that when reading anything on our website. But we always do our best to remain unbiased, and we’re fully aware of who these machines are well-suited for, and who they are not. So, if you’re looking to Sanremo for your next espresso machine purchase, we want you to choose the best option for your needs.

Continue reading this article to learn about the 7 best espresso machines made by Sanremo ranked in order of price, then click through to our in-depth reviews, brochures, and comparisons for more information on each option.

1 . The Best Sanremo Espresso Machine: Sanremo Opera (RRP £17,500) 

Designed for the specialty coffee market pros, the Opera is Sanremo’s flagship commercial espresso machine offering with innovation reflected in its brewing features, speed, reliability, design & build, and price tag.

Providing complete control over the machine for the user, the most experienced barista can have a field day with the brewing capabilities of the Opera, including the not yet fully understood practice of pressure profiling.

The Opera was designed to push the boundaries of the commercial espresso machine category and has the price to show for it. Are these innovations necessary to brew delicious coffee? Absolutely not. But for those hoping to experiment and push the industry forward, with the extra money to spend, the Opera is the most premium choice from Sanremo.

View the Opera by Sanremo

2 . Best for the Specialty Coffee Shop: Sanremo Café Racer (RRP £14,000)

Designed with the modern specialty café in mind, the Café Racer offers fantastic coffee brewing performance, reliability and features for the professional barista team. Designed to mimic the sleek design of a motorcycle, the Café Racer offers intuitive brewing and customisation options to suit any coffee shop.

While lacking in the advanced pressure profiling of the Opera, the Café Racer is ideal for high-volume coffee shops where consistently high-quality coffees are central to work. Being on the more premium end of pricing for Sanremo machines, you’re paying for a sleek design aesthetic and the functionality of a highly capable espresso machine.

Reviewing the Sanremo Café Racer Espresso Machine

3 . The Best All Rounder: Sanremo F18 (RRP £11,200) 

The Sanremo F18 is a multi-boiler commercial espresso machine inspired by Jet Fighters. It’s a mid-range option offering a great balance in performance, reliability and affordability for high-volume café settings.

With intuitive controls, temperature precision and customisable shot settings targeted towards supporting the skilled barista. User experience is optimised by user-friendly cool-touch steam wands and quarter-turn steam knobs. Build quality is solid and Sanremo offers a number of different colour options, with tall and standard height versions.

Reviewing the Sanremo F18 Espresso Machine

4 . The Best Value for Money: Sanremo F18 SB (RRP £8,100)

The SB, or single-boiler, version of the F18 provides similar performance, reliability, design and build quality at a significantly lower price point. At roughly 70% the price of the F18, the SB version takes a small hit to speed and temperature consistency to significantly reduce the price.

But don’t assume worse performance, the F18SB is still incredibly capable of creating delicious coffee, which is why we’ve labelled it as Sanremo’s best value for money espresso machine.

Read more: The Sanremo F18 SB Reviewed, Quality Espresso on a Budget?

We have written a deep-dive comparison of the F18 and F18 SB. If you’re looking to compare these two machines in greater detail, read: Sanremo F18 vs F18 SB Espresso Machines Compared.

5 . Best User Experience: Sanremo YOU (£5,996) 

A premium single group espresso machine blurring the lines between the dedicated home baristas and professionals, the Sanremo YOU offers and unrivalled experience for both the home and medium volume businesses.

Offering premium build quality, an incredibly pleasing user experience, and control over all coffee brewing paramters, the YOU provides everything you could want and more, but at a high price tag for a single group machine.

We keep a Sanremo YOU in our showroom and to take on the road when tasting coffees with new wholesale customers, as we’re confident in its reliability and coffee quality. Check out our unboxing video and written review to learn more about our thoughts on the YOU.

A Home Barista’s Review of the Sanremo YOU

6 . The Budget-Friendly Sanremo Espresso Machine: Sanremo Zoe (RRP £4,500)

 The ZOE is the entry point for many of our wholesale customers into the world of incredible, specialty coffee. At a comparatively low price point, the ZOE offers great performance and repeatability.

Offering the user less control over the coffee brewing parameters, the Sanremo ZOE removes any complication from making great coffee and is well suited to high volume cafes. Though featuring slightly less premium build materials and a less satisfying user experience, the ZOE still creates great coffee making it the perfect budget friendly option in the Sanremo lineup.

7 . Best Option for the Home Barista: Sanremo Cube (£2,690)

Offering fun colours, a premium home coffee experience and a capable E61 brewing group head, the Sanremo Cube is the manufacturer’s smallest footprint coffee machine to date.

Whilst being an expensive machine in comparison to other offerings in its category, the Cube is Sanremo’s most recommended option for the home barista being less than half the cost of the YOU whilst still offering great performance and intuitive user experience.

Paired with a great coffee grinder, the home barista will rival their local coffee shops in the quality of coffee coming out of the cube. It is also well suited to low volume commercial settings, such as an office setting, car dealership, library, bike shop… you name it.

Whilst other manufacturers offer similarly capable coffee machines at lower prices, we believe the Cube to be the best option for the home barista from Sanremo.

View the Sanremo Cube

Finding Your Perfect Espresso Machine

Now that you have a better understanding of Sanremo’s best espresso machines and which may be well-suited to your needs, you may be closer to a decision and ready to purchase your new Sanremo espresso machine.

If you want to ‘try before you buy’, and are located near London or Cardiff, feel free to Visit Our Showrooms before you make the big purchase. If you would like to purchase or lease your chosen espresso machine by Sanremo, contact us on 0800 092 8992 or fill in the form on our website.