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Matt Richman

Field Service Engineer

The Schaerer Coffee Soul is a brilliant coffee machine, capable of producing fantastic coffee without the need for a barista. They’re well-built, Swiss made machines and are incredibly relaible when cared for properly. That being said, one of the main problems with bean-to-cup coffee machines is maintaining their cleanliness. When not properly cared for and looked after, Schaerer bean-to-cup machines, just like all machines in their category, are susceptible to faults with a large number of moving parts than can build up with scale, coffee oils and used grounds.

So, to make sure you’re taking care of your Schaerer Coffee Soul, Soul 10 and Soul 12 properly, make sure that you follow the daily cleaning guide down below and that you are performing a full descale of the machine every 6 months.

Daily Cleaning for the Schaerer Soul

Requirements: Schaerer Milkpure Powder Sachets 10g, Schaerer Coffeepure Powder Tablets 1.2g. Time needed: 15-20 minutes.

How to Descale a Schaerer Coffee Soul

Requirements: 1x Schaerer Uptime Descale Cartridge 120g. Time needed: 60-90 minutes.

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