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How to Clean the Eversys Cameo

Alongside the coffee extraction system and milk steaming options offered by Eversys Coffee Machines, their cleaning features also stand out above the competitors. Any bean-to-cup coffee machine owner will tell you that cleanliness is one of the most important factors in the quality of the coffee and the lifespan of the machine itself. Yet, keeping bean-to-cup machines clean is typically quite labour intensive and easy to skimp out on. In the video below, learn about the cleaning features of the Eversys Cameo, which cleaning products you’l need, and how to perform a deep clean of the machine.


What do you Need to Clean the Cameo?

To keep your Eversys Cameo clean, you’ll need two bespoke products: Everclean cleaning fluid and Eversys cleaning balls. Everclean is a fluid of chemicals¬† to help purify the milk system of your machine, with each cleaning cycle requiring 25ml of liquid. Every cleaning cycle takes up one cleaning ball, which are stored in the small hopper towards the top right of the machine. Each tub contains 62x 3 gram cleaning balls and last around 2 months, whilst a standard 1L bottle of Everclean will last around 40 cycles. Need to order more? Get in touch with us!


How to Start the Cleaning Cycle

Manually initiating the clean on your Cameo is simple. To start the Cameo’s cleaning cycle – press the three-lined button towards the top of the screen, then long press on the rinse button. You’ll be met with a cleaning icon, just tap ‘Yes’ to continue. The machine will then walk you through the entire cleaning process which typically follows as:

  • Prepare the milk system
  • Empty and clean the grounds draw
  • Prepare the Everclean and container
  • Cleaning cycle (12 mins)
  • Remove milk cleaning container
  • Replace milk
  • (Standby after manually starting the cleaning cycle)
  • Rinse 30s and Purge
  • Empty grounds drawer

If you haven’t cleaned the machine in the last 24 hours, it will automatically prompt you to do so and prevent you from making coffee until the cycle is complete.


To Clean the Screen

Wiping down the touch screen with a cleaning cloth will register some unwanted taps in the system, so Eversys have added a button that disables the touch screen for 10 seconds for cleaning. To set this up, just tap the middle three-lined button at the top of the screen, and hit the cloth-in-hand icon.


How Often Does the Cameo Need Cleaning?

As far as deep cleaning is concerned, Eversys require their machines to be cleaned every 24 hours for optimal maintenance, performance and lifespan. It’s within your best interests to follow this guidance as a properly cleaned machine will remain operational for far longer and produce great tasting coffee on a more consistent basis. If the Cameo hasn’t been deep cleaned using the proper chemical within a 24-hour period, the machine will prevent you from making coffee until this has been resolved.


What if you Forget?

As stated above, if you forget to clean the Cameo it will simply prevent you from making coffee until it is cleaned. This is a brilliant failsafe mechanism to prevent your baristas from ignoring the cleaning warning, which is all too common for bean to cup machines. The Cameo also has a great feature in that it will detect if the cleaning has been skipped and proper chemicals haven’t been used. You’ll get a few warnings if you don’t use the proper cleaning chemicals during the procedure, before it locks you out of the machine and have to contact Eversys directly. This means the business and owner of the machine do not need to worry about the mistreatment of their equipment.


Does the Cameo Clean Itself?

In a way yes, the cleaning cycle is semi-automatic with the cleaning balls dispensed from the hopper on top. You’ll need to clean out the grounds draw, remove the milk and clean the tubes, and of course clean the outside of the machine, but the deep-cleaning cycle itself is fully automatic unlike a backflush on a traditional espresso machine.


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