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Jack Merriman

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Let’s Review the Anfim Luna

Who are Anfim?

Anfim are an Italian coffee grinder manufacturer based out of Milan, and are part of the Hemro group also including Mahlkonig, Ditting, and Hey Café. Within those brands, Anfim leans the closest towards traditional Italian coffee culture, but you can certainly see the influence from the other companies in the design of the Luna.

Where Does the Luna Fit?

So the new Luna is Anfim’s new entry level professional espresso grinder, coming into market as their most affordable option just shy of £1000 in the UK. This makes it around £300 cheaper than the Anfim Pratica, but still provides great coffee at speed with those German 65mm flat steel burrs.

The most comparable grinder from the Hemro group is probably the Mahlkonig E65S, featuring a similar burr geometory and workflow but being almost twice the price of the Luna. So, in terms of value for money for an entry-level commercial espresso grinder, it’s difficult to find anything that compares to the Luna given its price and features.

Anfim Luna Grinder Features


So turning the machine on using the on/off switch to the rear, you’re greated with a really nice, large three and a half inch touchscreen display. The display is very intuitive to use, giving you four programable shot buttons that you can programme as you see fit. E.g a quick purge, single shot, double shot, and manual.


On top of the grinder you’ve got a wide two kilo coffee bean hopper which doesn’t take up too much space considering the volume of coffee it can hold. The hopper comes with a lid that comes with a holder for your recipe cards or to show off which bag of coffee you’re currently using on the front of the machine.

Grind System

Towards the right hand side, you’ve got your worm-drive style grind adjustment dial.This style of grind adjustment means that you make any adjustments to your grind by using the small dial on the front, and whilst you adjust you see the connected grind adjustment ring turning and showing you the indicator of your new grind size.

The Anfim Luna also utilises a stepless grind adjustment, meaning you can choose an infinite number of grind settings by going as fine or as large as you like to nail your grind size. The adjustment ring also has numbers that you can refer to whilst changing grind size, and we found that making a change of one whole number leads to about a ten second difference in extraction.

Portafilter Cradle

You’ve got an adjustable cradle for your portafilter allowing for accurate dosing into most sizes of portafilter, adjustable using a flathead screwdriver. Setting the right height means the coffee grounds fall directly into the centre of the basket, and you can operate the grinder hands-free.

Cleaning and Accessibility

The Luna features a plastic baseplate plate can easily be removed for cleaning, and snaps back into place with small magnets. The grounds chute can also be easily removed for cleaning, and appears to be identical in design to those found on the E65 grinders by Mahlkonig.

The hopper is also very easy to remove for direct access to the burrs for a deep clean. All it requires is closing the bean gate, purging through any remaining coffee, and then twisting to remove the hopper. You can now get into the burrs with a brush to get rid of any grounds or oils built up.

Once you have placed the hopper back on the grinder, there is a small screw to secure the hopper in place to avoid any accidental spillages, if you wish.

3.5” Touchscreen Display and System Menu

Throughout daily use, the large touchscreen will provide access to four shot buttons – three programmable buttons and one manual grind button. All dose settings can be programmed by adjusting the grinding time within the ‘pro mode’ of the grinder.

To enter pro mode on the Anfim Luna, hit the button on the bottom right of the screen to toggle between basic / pro modes. The password from factory should be 1932. Keeping the grinder in basic mode prevents your users from being able to access the system menu and settings, and from adjusting the timed dose programmes.

To access the menu settings, hit the top left button on the menu screen when you’re in ‘pro mode’. The menu gives you access to the main systems settings, allowing you to set and adjust various functions including the language, date and time, changing your password and uploading a unique logo to the system.

Also within the system menu are ‘statistics and log’ where you can see all of the different coffee doses that the Grinder has put out, as well as the health and lifespan of your burrs.

Grinding Performance

So in terms of actually using the Luna two grind for espresso, the grinder has 65 millimeter steel burrs along with a motor that goes up to 1500 RPM. This combo provides fast grinding speed and a great grind consistency as well. Anfim suggest that the Luna can grind for a double shot of espresso in about 4 seconds.

In testing, we got closer to around 6 seconds for an 18 gram dose of medium roast coffee. Still impressively fast. The Luna is certainly not going to slow your workflow during day-today use.

To start grinding, simply lock your portafilter into the fork. That’ll activate a small button and start grinding for the selected dose / time. When the portafilter fork is set up to the correct height for your portafilter, not only will it lock into place so you can do other things while it’s grinding, but it will also dispense the grounds perfectly into the centre of the basket for you.

Grounds Consistency

With the Anfim Luna, you’re not only getting great grind speed and uniformity, but you’re also getting consistency in your doses between shots. In the video, you’ll see a quick test in which I drew three back to back doses from a 5.5 second program, getting 18.0, 18.1 and 18.3 grams of coffee

So, even though it’s a time-based dosing system rather than a grind by weight, you still getting really accurate measurements. To be ultra precise, you can use an external scale if you want to, but the Luna is accurate enough that you can adjust the grind size and dose times in the morning and you should get repeatable coffee doses every single time.

How Does the Coffee Taste?

Finally, in terms of taste, the Luna’s large 65mm flat burrs give a really nice balance between sweetness and fruitiness, but also a good amount of texture and body. Thanks to the uniform grind quality, the Anfim Luna creates sweet and complex shots of espresso that also hold up great in milk drinks.



Get to know the Anfim Luna

If you’re interested in the Luna then you can learn more by clicking here, and if you have any more questions or concerns about the Luna, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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