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If you’re currently on the hunt for a white label coffee supplier, then you’re probably looking to compare different companies and their offerings to decide on which to go with. You’ll want to look into their pricing, contracts and minimum order volumes, along with information on the quality, taste profile, origin and traceability of their coffee beans to suit you and your customers’ needs.

Just to clarify, we are a white label coffee company. But with minimum order requirements, and coffee quality that puts us out of budget for some, we know we may not be the best fit for you. We want to be roasting and supplying private label coffee for companies that align with our values and that stand to benefit from our services, so if one of our competitors is better aligned with your goals, we think you should know.

So, in this article we’ll be naming a few of the UK’s best white label coffee suppliers and providing enough information for you to continue your journey of finding the best private label coffee roaster for you.

Bridge Coffee Roaster’s

Located just outside of Cardiff, Wales, with offices and showroom in Clerkenwell London, Bridge Coffee Roaster’s have been providing wholesale coffee solutions since 1985.

Bridge now roast over 20 different specialty coffee blends and single origins for their wholesale partners and retail. Their wholesale coffee solutions, focused on a holistic package including quality coffee, SCA certified barista training, ongoing service and repairs, and professional quality machines and accessories, also includes a bespoke private white label coffee offering.

Utilising Bridge for their white label coffee offering, businesses can select a single origin coffee or blend from the wholesale range to be branded and packaged under a custom made or existing brand or product line. And for customers with large enough order quantities, or those who would like to pay the additional premium, Bridge can offer a totally unique coffee for your business, along with a graphic design and branding service to create bespoke logos and packaging for your new coffee range.

To view examples and learn more, click through to our White Label Service page, or find out about our pricing in this article How much does white label coffee cost?

Master Roast

Masteroast Coffee Company Ltd., a UK-based coffee roasting and packing facility, offers private label coffee with 35 years of experience. Their expertise includes various roasting styles such as drum, high yield, and convection roasting, all tailored to meet clients’ specific needs, ensuring the freshest coffee.

They boast a diverse coffee selection, including over 70 raw coffee options from major producer origins, seasonal Micro-lots, and premium choices like Jamaican Blue Mountain and Hawaii Kona.

Masteroast’s in-house design team supports clients in packaging and brand development, making it a comprehensive solution for creating a unique coffee brand. With 14 packing lines, they accommodate various packaging formats, from bags to capsules, catering to small and bulk orders.

Environmental responsibility is a core value, demonstrated by their certifications like BRC Accreditation and commitment to sustainability. They actively seek to reduce their environmental impact and encourage the same from suppliers.

Bewley’s Tea & Coffee UK

Bewley’s are leading wholesale coffee and tea suppliers in the food service and retail sectors and are market leaders in hot beverage solutions for over 4000 hotels across Ireland. Originally founded in Dublin by Charles and Samuel Bewley in 1840 as tea merchants, Bewley’s joined the coffee trade towards the end of the 19th Century. With its base still in Dublin today, Bewley’s now operates across the UK having acquired a number of food service and speciality coffee suppliers since 2011.

Today, Bewley’s supplies businesses in the UK and IE with a range of blend and single origin coffees, speciality teas, hot chocolates, sauces, syrups, baked goods, snacks and chocolates along with barista tools, coffee equipment and café stocking essentials. Bewley’s are committed to ethical sourcing and limiting their impact on the environment. They were the first Irish company to achieve a fairtrade mark and today are the largest supplier of Fairtrade coffee in Ireland. Bewley’s also supports the Rainforest Alliance and sets continuous targets to reduce their impact when it comes to water, energy, waste and greenhouse gasses.

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Matthew Algie

Matthew Algie is the holistic coffee partner positioned towards the high street café, providing sustainably produced coffee, professional training and the UK and Ireland’s largest range of coffee machines.

‘Born and bred in Glasgow’, Matthew Algie was founded in 1864 and its roastery is still based there today. The company has a heavy lean towards sustainability and concious business practices having achieved the Carbon Neutral International Standard for four years running, being a Living Wage employer, and engaging with the coffee community through donating and raising money for several foundations, charities and trusts for the benefit of the wider coffee industry.

The company was sold to Tchibo in 2016 with the aim of retaining its unique branding and history whilst tapping into the scale and reach of the German-based parent company.

Matthew Algie has a long history of supporting independent cafes, having launched a sister company Espresso Warehouse in 1997 to support the rise of the smaller coffee bars.

The company now additionally sells its range of coffee, under various brands and as a white label service, to bars, restaurants, hotels and a range of other business. Other services include coffee machine hire, equipment, a team of field-service engineers, and SCA accredited barista training courses at training campuses in London, Glasgow and Dublin.

Chipp Coffee Co

Chipp Coffee Co., based in Leeds, UK, began as a coffee roasting consultancy in 2016 and has since evolved into a specialty coffee roasting business. They prioritize service, quality, and sustainability.

Their coffee sourcing involves building relationships with specialty coffee farmers worldwide, ensuring fantastic-tasting, seasonally fresh coffee. Their diverse coffee range reflects the hard work of these farmers.

Chipp Coffee Co. offers white label and private label coffee solutions for a wide clientele, including coffee shops, restaurants, and offices. Their collaborative process starts with consultations, product sampling, and customization in packaging and labels.

Notably, there’s no minimum order quantity, offering flexibility for clients. Sustainability remains a core focus, with efforts to establish ethical supply chains and lasting partnerships with coffee producers. In essence, Chipp Coffee Co. is a dependable partner for tailored, sustainable, and high-quality white label and private label coffee solutions.

Tropic Coffee Ltd

Established in 1983, Tropic Coffee Ltd. is a family-owned coffee roasting business based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. For nearly 40 years, they have been passionately crafting fine coffee. The company is led by Managing Director Martin Sanctuary, with active involvement from Julie and their son, David.

Tropic Coffee’s expertise extends to barista training, and they operate a retail store at their West Norfolk roastery, offering freshly roasted coffees and teas. Their love for coffee shines through their commitment to training and support for new and existing businesses.

Tropic Coffee Ltd. also provides private label coffee services, leveraging state-of-the-art technology for custom packaging. They cater to wholesalers, delis, cafes, and more, offering pre-made bags and pouches in various sizes and the option for unique custom packaging. With a rich coffee history and a focus on quality and customization, Tropic Coffee Ltd. is a reliable partner for private label coffee solutions.

Coffee Direct, established in 2007, brings over 30 years of coffee expertise to its customers. Co-directors James and Lewis, with a background in retail, founded the company, eventually focusing solely on coffee in 2007. They were inspired by the aromatic possibilities of freshly roasted coffee and established relationships with local roasters. Today, they continue to provide freshly roasted coffees, loose-leaf teas, and hot chocolates.

A family-run business, has grown over the years, expanding to Wales for roasting and introducing a subscription service. They have also ventured into the world of tea with Their commitment to quality and customer support is evident through thousands of customer reviews. offers a white label coffee service, allowing businesses to brand their coffee products. With various coffee varieties and bulk discounts available, customers can apply their labels to Coffee-Direct’s high-quality beans or pre-ground coffee. Quality is a top priority, ensuring that white label coffee maintains the same standard as their branded products.

UCC Coffee UK & Ireland

 A dynamic partner for businesses in foodservice, hospitality, and retail. With tailored coffee solutions, they collaborate closely with clients to ensure customer satisfaction and coffee excellence. They offer a scalable coffee offering, supported by national coverage and European-wide production capabilities.

With a rich heritage rooted in Japan, UCC Coffee has a long history of innovation and quality, dating back to 1933 when Tadao Ueshima founded the company. They’ve been delivering the Total Coffee Solution in the UK & Ireland for over 20 years and operate across major coffee markets in Europe.

UCC Coffee provides private label coffee services, including bespoke roasted blends. Their commitment to quality includes full traceability to origin and extensive quality assurance. They work closely with clients to create the perfect private label coffee tailored to their market and customer needs, providing ongoing support and refinement.

With a range of certifications and a deep understanding of the coffee industry, UCC Coffee is a trusted partner for businesses looking to elevate their coffee offerings.

Horsham Coffee Roasters

Horsham Coffee Roasters, established in 2012, is a Sussex-based specialty coffee roastery with a passion for ethically traded, high-quality coffee. Their small team of five is dedicated to sourcing the world’s best coffee beans and meticulously roasting them in their Loring S35 roaster. The company initially started selling coffee at the Horsham food market, eventually expanding to a wholesale business.

One of their unique offerings is the “Relationship Coffees” sourced through direct connections with farmers in Rwanda, Kenya, and Costa Rica, ensuring transparency and fair compensation. They also prioritize sustainability, planting trees through a partnership with One Tree Planted to offset their emissions.

Horsham Coffee Roasters goes beyond their branded coffees by offering a white label service, allowing businesses to create custom coffee blends with the help of their licensed arabica Q Grader and experienced team. With a focus on quality, they roast on a low-emission Loring S35 roaster and can deliver custom blends worldwide, making them a trusted partner for those seeking exceptional coffee with their own branding.

White Label Coffee Co.

Founded by Stuart Summers, the White Label Coffee Company team boasts over 50 years of collective experience in the coffee industry, offering tailored solutions while prioritizing clients’ branding over their own.

The White Label Coffee Company assists businesses in branding their coffee-related products to match their identity. They offer various coffee products and equipment tailored to specific objectives, helping clients choose the right blend or single-origin coffee within their budget.

Their product range includes diverse packaging options like bags, sachets, single-cup coffee, and Nespresso-compatible pods. Coffee offerings range from entry-level blends for high-volume events to mid-level accreditations such as Fairtrade and specialty coffees sourced globally. They guide clients through a consultation process, creating custom designs and flavor profiles.

Coffee Bean Shop

Founded in 2008 by Lizzie Powell, the Coffee Bean Shop emerged from a desire for exceptionally fresh, high-quality coffee. Dissatisfied with standard supermarket coffee, Lizzie set out to provide coffee lovers with a superior option. Their commitment to freshness is unwavering, with green coffee beans carefully selected and traditionally flame-roasted to order. This ensures dispatch within 24 hours of online orders, setting them apart in terms of freshness.

What distinguishes the Coffee Bean Shop is their ethical sourcing. They personally visit the farms they source from to guarantee fair treatment and wages for coffee farmers and workers. This dedication to ethical practices results in exceptional products enjoyed by both individual and trade customers.

They offer a unique white label coffee service, collaborating with cafes, restaurants, and hospitality venues to create custom blends and packaging. Hand-roasting coffee beans over an open flame in small batches ensures consistent quality. They also provide design services for private label or white label coffee bags, allowing businesses to showcase their brand. The Coffee Bean Shop’s white label service enables businesses to proudly offer their own branded, high-quality coffee, setting them apart in the market.

Where to Start?

Researching White Label Coffee is one thing, actually getting started is the hard part. At Bridge Coffee Roasters, we help established businesses add white label coffee as a new arm to their product and service offering in line with their brand. Sound like a plan? Schedule a call.

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