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Jack Merriman

Content Marketing Manager

Alpro Barista milks are a great option for our wholesale coffee customers – ones who are keen to serve non-dairy alternatives and open themselves up to trading with a more inclusive audience. In this video, we’re offering up a little experimentation and a demonstration to find out which Alpro milk is best for latte art out of Oat, Soya, Almond and Coconut.

Which Alpro Barista Milk Performs Best for Latte Art?

The video is a little long, so here’s the short version:

Our favourite Alpro Barista milk, purely for its latte art capabilities based on an admittedly minimal amount of practice, was the Oat milk. We found that in behaved most closely to dairy in terms of steaming and pouring, though we also had surprisingly good results from Soy.


Which Alpro Milk Tastes Best with Coffee?

This is a subjective question as your taste preferences may differ from mine significantly when it comes to the taste of your coffee and milk. All of the Alpro barista milks taste pretty great with coffee, but we also had a preference towards the Oat barista edition milk for taste.

Whilst every milk tasted good, Oat just had the most subtle flavour which didn’t subtract from or get in the way of the coffee flavour. With the other milks, you could tell that a flavour had been added to your coffee whereas the oat was more subtle.

Can you Get Latte Art with Alpro Almond and Coconut?

Absolutely! Watch the video to see what kind of results you can get with just a small amount of practice. Even though we preferred Oat and Soy for latte art, Almond and Coconut also had good results. Given enough time and practice with each milk, you’re definitely going to be able to pour some great patterns with each milk.

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