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About the collection

We are wholesale suppliers of the award-winning Birchall Tea range, including speciality tea and everyday black teas which are sourced exclusively from estates across East Africa. Birchall’s Tea is renowned for its quality – hand-picked from tea bushes grown at high-altitude in lush volcanic soil and ideal conditions resulting in a cup of speciality tea that is bright, delicious and bursting with flavour. Contact us or request a free sample.

Birchall’s tea sources the finest whole ingredients from around the world for their speciality tea and, with care and experience, create beautifully balanced fruit and herbal blends that allow you to discover new heights of flavour. Contact us today for a quote on the Birchall wholesale tea range. Whilst we stock the full range, take a look at our favourite Birchall teas below:

Great Rift Breakfast Blend

Great Rift Breakfast Blend – Wholesale Birchall Great Rift tea is a deliciously strong breakfast tea, bursting with flavour and a winner at the Great Taste Awards for 11 years in-a-row. This supreme breakfast blend, is fully Rainforest Alliance Certified™ and encapsulates the delicious taste of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, one of the most renowned tea-growing regions in the world.

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Great Rift Decaf Tea

The Great Rift Decaf is one of our bestselling wholesale decaffeinated breakfast teas. Bright and full of flavour, the ingredients have been expertly sourced from the finest tea estates across East Africa and the Great Rift Valley.


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Jasmine Tea Pearls

Combining the mild sweetness of green tea with the soft floral notes of jasmine flowers, Birchall’s Jasmine Tea Pearls have been expertly sourced from China’s Fujian province, where the finest examples of this classic green tea are harvested each year. A relaxing and elegant tea experience, available wholesale.


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Camomile Herb Infusion

Camomile Tea is renowned for its soothing and delicate properties, which can aid digestion and promote sleep. Made from the beautifully scented flowers and leaves of the wild camomile plant, this herb infusion is perfect for helping you unwind before bedtime.

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Virunga Afternoon Tea

Birchall’s Virunga Afternoon is a single origin tea, expertly sourced from the finest tea gardens in Rwanda, found close to the country’s border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Virunga National Park. Virunga is a black tea for connoisseurs with a smooth and delicate liquor that is beautifully bright and distinctively refreshing.

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A Tea Company With Rich Heritage

Dating back roots in the tea trade for over 150 years to Darjeeling where Birchall Graham first planted tea, Birchalls is a world-renowned British tea company based in London. Today, their teas are served daily on every major UK high street and they are now one of the world’s largest exporters of East African teas, shipping approximately 50 million kilos of black tea worldwide per annum from their buying offices in London and Mombasa. All of Birchall’s speciality and black tea range is available to buy wholesale from Bridge Coffee Roasters.

East Africa Estate Grown Teas

Bright, delicious and bursting with full flavour – these are the qualities that Birchall is known for. Sourced exclusively from the finest tea estates across East Africa, from Rwanda to the Great Rift Valley, Birchall’s teas are world-renowned for their quality. Birchall believe that every cup of tea should be bright, delicious and bursting with full flavour.


Handpicked for quality

Birchall’s dedication to quality ensures that all of their tea leaves are handpicked allowing you to experience new heights of flavour, Birchall sources their black teas exclusively from the finest tea estates in East Africa, where they grow in lush volcanic soil & develop greater flavour.

Available in 3 formats

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