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The LaCimbali S20 bean-to-cup coffee machine can be configured in Power Station mode to supply milk-based beverages from two adjacent machines, using only one fridge, which helps optimise the work space. The S20 Power Station mode of your S20 bean to cup coffee machine, brewed with fresh milk, allows you to maximise your business performance through optimal management of hot milk-based drinks. What’s more, the S20’s 7-inch touchscreen display provides a complete view of different options on the drinks menu (pre-selection and Group Mode) and enables you to customise images displayed by the machine during beverage dispensing and as screen savers. You can also create video clips and animations to assist the customer when choosing their drink. La Cimbali S20 is a very simple and intuitive bean-to-cup coffee machine with a range of revolutionary functions.

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  • Serves up to 200 Cups a Day
  • Metal Group Head
  • 7-inch Touchscreen Panel with Tempered glass
  • Customization via USB Stick
  • TurboSteam Cold Touch
  • Bidirectional Wi-Fi System
  • AWS Automatic Washing SystemDual 1/1.2kg Bean Hopper
  • Built-In Soluble Chocolate System
  • Robust Titanium Grinders made from K110 Steel and PVD Coating
  • Hot Frothed Milk Capability

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