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Stainless Steel Knock Box In Bamboo Surround

Free Standing Stainless Steel Knock box in a surround made from bamboo – an incredibly durable, sustainable and renewable material. Looks great on counter tops and is tough enough to perform in smaller commercial environments.

  • Removable insert for easy emptying and cleaning (dishwasher safe)
  • Quiet operation due to rubberised knock bar
  • Available in Stainless Steel or Black
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Premium Drawer for Coffee Grounds

Constructed from high grade wrapped stainless steel, this knock box offers an ergonomic solution to the disposal of used coffee grounds. Ventilation holes mean loose coffee from the grinder on top can be swept away with the added benefit that you will never have mouldy coffee pucks again.


  • Secure Knock Bar Housing with 6 fittings each side
  • Knock box feet fitted with rivets

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