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The PUQPress M3, automatic tamping built for the E65S and E65 Grind by Weight by Mahlkonig, from £1096.

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Introducing the PUQPress M3

A no-nonsense addition designed to streamline your espresso routine in a commercial setting. Engineered for practicality, this automatic tamper is the key to achieving consistent, hassle-free tamping. Whether you’re managing a bustling coffee shop or seeking a reliable solution for your commercial space, the M3 eliminates manual effort, ensuring a level tamp with every shot. Bid farewell to uneven pressure and welcome a simplified, fool-proof barista workflow that’s tailored for high-volume operations.

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The PUQPress M3 brings reliability without unnecessary complexities to the commercial scene. Equipped with a robust 76W motor, it offers a practical force range of 5-30kg, allowing for easy customization. Backed by a solid two-year warranty with unlimited tamps, it’s engineered to endure the demands of a 10kg+ coffee per week operation. Tailored to fit seamlessly under the E65S and E65 Grind by Weight grinders by Mahlkonig, the M3 ensures efficient use of space with dimensions measuring 28.3×19.4×14.7cm. It’s a commercial-grade investment in efficiency for those who appreciate a straightforward approach to their espresso setup.

  • Grinder Compatibility: E65s & E65 GBW by Mahlkönig.
  • Power Rating: 76Q
  • Capacity: 10kg+ coffee per week
  • Warranty: 2 year, unlimited tamps
  • Force: 5-30kg (1kg increments)
  • Dimensions: 28.3×19.4×14.7cm
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In the PUQPress lineup, the M3 caters specifically to the needs of commercial establishments with its precision fit for Mahlkonig grinders. While the Q series offers mobility and simplicity for various setups, the M3 distinguishes itself by addressing the space-saving demands of a commercial bar. If your operation involves the E65S and E65 Grind by Weight grinders, the M3 stands out as the dependable choice, ensuring a consistent tamp without compromising valuable counter space. Opt for the PUQPress M3 for a no-frills, commercial-grade automatic tamper that seamlessly integrates into your Mahlkonig-powered espresso routine.

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