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Starting from £4,500: The Schaerer Coffee Club is a small, yet elegant coffee machine packed with technology for a premium coffee experience. The club is an all round top performer and with reduced dimensions, it integrates easily into any environment.

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About the Club

Powerful and flexible, the Club is the smallest machine in the Schearer range, but that does not lessen its performance in any way. Offering a wide range of coffee, milk or chocolate based specialities with consistent premium quality. The Club also features some advanced technical details that really make this machine one to consider.

The Club was created to produce an average daily output of 80 cups per day which makes it the ideal machine for any place where quality and variety are essential but where ease of use, simple maintenance and saving counter-space are highly valued characteristics. This compact machine is a reliable team player and a brilliant addition with its sleek design, it was made to deliver quality drinks in any environment.

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Details and Optional Features

  • 50cm H (excluding hoppers) and 32.5cm W
  • Can choose between fresh milk, powder milk or both
  • 7″ touch screen display for ease of use
  • Includes two USB ports
  • An integrated bean hopper to help save space
  • Separate hot water outlet for making teas and non-coffee beverages
  • Decoupled grinder mated to the 550g bean hopper considerably limits vibrations and noise
  • Create personalised recipes for any drink on the menu using the touch screen display
  • A controlled burst of steam to heat cup to the right temperature
  • Fold out cup tray integrated into the ground disposal unit

Interested in the Schaerer Club?

We understand that selecting the right coffee machine for your business is essential to producing high quality coffee for your customers. If you're interested in finding out more or trying out the Schaerer Club, get in touch and book a visit to our London or Cardiff showroom.

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