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Marco Jet 6L Bulk Coffee Brewer from £2,100

This large filter coffee bulk brewer is capable of producing 6 litres of batch brew at any one time – served, kept hot and dispensed by the accompanying 6L urn. Featuring energy efficient technologies and complete temperature stability, with recipes, ratios, bypass and batch parameters are all adjustable by the user.

  • Pre-set recipe and volume options
  • Basket safety lock during brewing
  • Operator friendly and easy-to-use
  • Vacuum insulated urn for energy-efficiency and temperature retention
  • Two power options (2.8 and 5kW)
  • Single or Twin urn setup
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Insulated 6L Filter Coffee Urn from £480

Brew directly from your Jet 6 into a portable 6L thermal urn for transporting and dispensing bulk filter coffee on tap. Keeping your JET6 back-of-house whilst keeping your coffee hot and ready to serve for up to 6 hours.

Perfect for self serve and Hotel, Restaurant, Café and Catering locations.

Twin Jet 6 from £3,200

Twice the brewing capacity, all in one machine.

Delivers coffee directly into two portable urns. Operator sets recipes and batch volume requirements. Basket safety lock during brewing. Automated, intelligent grinder. Easy to operate with minimal operator error. Cost-per-cup control, temperature accuracy and energy-efficient. Back-to-back brewing. Urns and grinder sold separately.