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The Sweetbird Collections have everything you need to make a variety of delicious drinks. Its all about getting creative with ingredients and flavours to produce innovative drinks for all the seasons.

Perfection being paramount, Sweetbird are happy to travel far and wide to spot new trends and continually experiment with different ingredients and recipes – while keeping clear of artificial preservatives and colourings. This gives us confidence that the Sweetbird range not only tastes exceptional but delivers the innovation, versatility and simplicity our customers are looking for.

We chose to work with Sweetbird because they could give us so much of what we were looking for. As a Bristol based company, they are passionate about quality, flavour, innovation and finding the right natural and ethical ingredients to go into making these amazing creations. Sweetbird offer an extensive range of products with a huge variety to choose from giving flexibility to our customers. They also offer a broad sugar-free range which of course is a great seller.

The Syrup Collection

With over 50 delicious syrups in six varieties: Classic, Creative, Fruit, Iced Tea, Lemonade and Sugar-free, there’s a Sweetbird syrup for every customer and season. From traditional flavours like vanilla, butterscotch and caramel to dessert-inspired confections, they’ve mixed creativity with versatility so you can make hot, cold and ice-blended drinks that your customers will love. All syrups have been approved by The Vegan Society so make the perfect ingredient to use with milk alternatives for hundreds of tasty vegan friendly recipes from lattes to milkshakes and frappes.

The Smoothie Collection

Created in 8 mouth-watering and refreshing flavours; every one packed with depth and zing, these smoothies are a treat for taste buds and profits. No fruit to wash, peel or waste, just 100% convenience in a carton. Easy to store and even easier to make. Simply pour over ice and blend for delicious smoothies every time.

The Frappé Collection

Consistent and delicious drinks everytime, the Sweetbird Frappé collection allows you to simply make your own frappé or blend with other products for hundreds of new and inspired recipes. From fine Brazilian coffee to West African cocoa, our experts have hand-selected a range of premium ingredients to bring you a range of 7 exciting flavours that blend confection with convenience.

The Purées Collection

Deliciously thick and rich, each purée is bursting with real fruit and packed with versatility. Available in five, vegan-approved flavours, they’re perfect for creating super-speedy shakes, sodas, cocktails, mocktails, smoothies and even drizzling over drinks for a handcrafted finish.

Featured Winter Recipes

Gingerbread Latte


  • Step 1. Combine double espresso with 2 pumps Sweetbird Gingerbread Syrup in a cup
  • Step 2. Top with steamed milk stirring as you pour and serve

Rhubarb Crumble Hot Chocolate


  • Step 1. Combine 1 scoop Zuma Dark Hot Chocolate with 1 pump Sweetbird Rhubarb Syrup and 1 pump Sweetbird Vanilla Syrup
  • Step 2. Add a splash of hot water and mix into a smooth paste
  • Step 3. Top with steamed milk , stirring as you pour and serve