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Size: 250g
Grind: Espresso

Know someone who loves coffee on the go? Treat them to their own travel gift kit with all the equipment they'd need,... Read more

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Know someone who loves coffee on the go? Treat them to their own travel gift kit with all the equipment they'd need, including three of our 250g bags of coffee.

This travel kit includes:

X1 250g House Blend 1

Single Origin 1

Decaffeinated 1

1 Hario Bloom Ceramic Coffee Grinder

1 Frank Green French Press

1 Frank Green 8oz Reusable Cup

A beautiful blue gift box to hold all of your gifts


Grown with generations of experience and blended with love, our collection of coffee house blends and single origin brings together the finest flavours of the world’s most famous coffee growing regions. Expertly roasted in the UK. Perfect for travelling, this coffee kit includes:

Hario Bloom Mini Mill PLUS Ceramic Coffee Grinder

The Hario Mini Mill Plus coffee grinder has a dark transparent look with the main improvement being the reinforced hexagonal adapter for the handy lock which makes the hand coffee grinder sturdier than ever before. Apart from grinding the coffee beans you can also use the lower bowl of the Hario Mini Mill PLUS coffee grinder to measure coffee grounds for up to 2 cups at a time (1 cup = 12g and 2 cups = 24g). Read more details

Frank Green Original 8oz Reusable Cup

The most reliable, feel-good reusable cup on the market, our multi-award-winning original reusable cup is made from quality materials, with a stain and odour resistant inner lining and a smart double-walled thermo outer layer that keeps your beverage hotter or colder for longer than a single-use cup could ever hope for. So why choose the original reusable cup? well, it's incredibly durable and long-lasting, meaning it can easily withstand the rough and tumble of an active lifestyle (or kids with butter-fingers!). plus the signature non-slip grip feels great in your hands, it comes with our patented push-button lid that won't spill, and it's 100% dishwasher safe! 

Frank Green French Press

Designed for the ultimate coffee connoisseur, this french press delivers pure decadence. Created with an innovative ceramic inner layer that will keep your coffee tasting just the way it was intended, with an integrated stainless steel mesh plunger that ensures it stays deliciously smooth until the very last drop — there’s no sediment in sight. The revolutionary triple-wall vacuum insulation keeps your coffee steaming hot or icy cold while you go about your day and our pouring hole has been purposefully designed for a quick pour so you can quickly transfer into your reusable cup and hit the road. 

House Blend 1

With its rich, smoky nuttiness and natural sweetness, there’s no surprise that House Blend 1 is our most popular coffee blend. Made with Sumatran beans from Mandheling Permata Gayo and Brazilian beans from Monte Santo de Minas, this distinctive, full tasting coffee makes incredible espresso, packed with flavour and topped with the perfect crema. Read more details

Single Origin 1

Made with perfectly roasted Brazilian yellow catucai peaberries, this rare single origin coffee is something really special. Grown on the Mió coffee farm in Monte Santo de Minas, surrounded by wildflower pastures and native forest, this unique coffee is honey processed to bring out its chocolaty sweetness and a delicious green apple tang. Read more details

Decaffeinated 1

With the distinctive chocolate and nut notes you expect from Brazil, this Swiss Water processed coffee might not have all the caffeine, but it’s got all the flavour. We carefully selected this coffee based on its cup quality, and you’ll soon see why… its rich, sweet and complex flavour notes shine through from the very first sip. Read more details