House Blend 03 - Rwanda / Papua New Guinea Coffee

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Size: 250g
Grind: Espresso
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Smooth and creamy, with delicious chocolate and maple syrup notes paired with a tangerine and yuzu citrus tang.



Coffee scoring over 80 on Speciality Coffee Association scale is considered High Quality, Speciality Coffee.


All our coffees can be brewed using different methods, and this coffee is a real all-rounder, perfect for the espresso, filter or drip method of your choice.


This coffee was processed using the washed and natural process. Post-harvest processing influences the taste profile. Washed coffees are brighter, naturally processed are sweeter, wet hulled processed are nuttier and honey processed are somewhere in between.


Please note, this coffee will be dispatched on 06/06

About this coffee

Created using coffee picked from three different continents, House Blend 3 brings together some of the best flavours in the world.

Pairing creamy chocolate and sweet maple syrup notes with fresh, citrusy tangerine and yuzu flavours, this expertly blended coffee is a real treat for your taste buds, perfectly balanced and made for drinking all day long.

Taking coffee growing to new heights

High altitude brings high acidity and the Rwandan and Papua New Guinea beans in this blend have it in spades. Sourced from the south-facing slopes high in the Rwanda hills and Papua New Guinea farms 2,000 metres above sea level, this blend brings together sweetness and acidity to form the foundations of a truly unique coffee.

Classic flavours to bring the blend together

The third ingredient in this delicious blend are clean and classic El Salvador beans grown by farmers on the El Molino farm. Selected from the most productive Bourbon and Pacas trees, the final beans in this blend bring raisin, cherry and fig sweetness to create a complex blend of flavour notes that work in perfect harmony.