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Size: 250g
Grind: Espresso
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Rich and creamy, this Brazilian coffee pairs smooth milk chocolate flavours with caramel and praline for a delicious decaf alternative to your usual brew.



Coffee scoring over 80 on Speciality Coffee Association scale is considered High Quality, Speciality Coffee.


All our coffees can be brewed using different methods, but this coffee is at its best when made with a filter method, like cafetiere, pour over, aeropress or drip.


This coffee was processed using the Swiss Water decaffeinated process. This process removes 99.9% of caffeine in the coffee without using any chemicals and without removing any of the flavours from the coffee beans.



About this coffee

With the distinctive chocolate and nut notes you expect from Brazil, this Swiss Water processed coffee might not have all the caffeine, but it’s got all the flavour.

We carefully selected this coffee based on its cup quality, and you’ll soon see why… its rich, sweet and complex flavour notes shine through from the very first sip.

Decaf coffee crafted with care

Sustainably grown Brazilian beans are cleaned and hydrated with pure, local water before the caffeine removal process begins. Caffeine is extracted naturally into a green coffee extract, until the compounds in the extract and the beans are perfectly balanced – removing the caffeine but retaining the flavour.

Guaranteed to be 99.9% caffeine free

The Swiss Water process is a careful, natural process that takes around 10 hours to complete, with temperature and caffeine levels checked regularly until the coffee is 99.9% caffeine free. The caffeine is trapped in carbon filters, removing it from the green coffee extract, so they extract can be used again and again.