What is microlot coffee?

These coffees have been cherry picked by farmers as the best coffee beans on their farms. From exceptional quality to incredible taste, they’re the type of coffee every connoisseur needs.

Every microlot will be different in terms of their flavour due to seasonal changes, origin, processing methods and other factors. Subsequently, they’re very limited, so the microlot coffees that we source will be completely different to the next. This is a great way to try unique flavours of speciality coffee, and thanks to this you’re sure to never get bored of your coffee.

Microlots are also a great of knowing everything there is to know about your coffee. From the origin of the farm to the coffee’s growing conditions and information about the farm and the farmers who grew it. There’s a whole story behind your coffee’s journey which you can’t normally access from single origins and blends.

Microlot coffee is so much more than just great coffee beans, and is the perfect addition to any coffee lovers collection.

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