My espresso is coming out too fast/slow, how do I adjust my grind size?

The foundation to a perfect espresso isn’t just about the right type of beans for your tastebuds, but more so about the grind size. Grind size affects the flavour of your coffee and can make it taste either sour or bitter when it isn’t correct, something we never want our coffee to taste like. To control this variable, we have to make sure our grind size doesn’t make our coffee come out too fast or too slow, and then make sure that the preferred setting is always consistent. Watch this video to learn how to adjust your grind size.


This is the geeky part of making a very good espresso. Fine-tuning the grind size often involves trial and error, but don’t let this put you off. Once it’s been perfected you can start enjoying coffee shop quality drinks at home whenever you like.


Whilst you can get great ground coffee, it’s lifespan doesn’t last as long as whole beans because the carbon dioxide in the air oxidises the beans and changes its flavour. For this reason, if use a lot of coffee and prefer to get whole beans, it’s essential that you learn how to grind you own coffee perfectly. 

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