Learn how to make latte art designs like a professional barista

For coffee lovers, having that morning coffee is a necessity to the day. And what’s better than that perfectly made espresso, flat white or cappuccino? Your favourite drink made with incredible latte art designs.
From hearts to swans and even custom-made designs, the world has gone crazy for a delicious cup of coffee with an extremely inviting design on the surface. And with the uprise of social media, latte art designs have become increasingly popular with baristas and coffee enthusiasts showing off their skills. But is it as easy as it seems?
The easiest design to create is the heart, which is also the foundation to many other designs such as the tulip, the rosetta and the swan. Nailing the heart is your first step to impressing people with your latte art skills, but this takes a lot of practice, a lot of patience and a lot of coffee…
For those professional baristas who like a challenge, there is a whole world of creative latte art designs to produce and even get scored on. Baristas from all over the world can enter the World Latte Art Championships to test their skill in visual attributes, creativity and patterns, where the top scoring competitor is declared the World Latte Art Champion. We’ve seen designs such as turtlers, caterpillars, pirates and even birds with musical notes being created.
Whether you’re already a professional latte art creator or you’re ready to take your first steps to becoming one, make sure to watch our tutorial on creating the heart, tulip and swan here. It might be worthwhile stocking up on coffee and milk for the next couple of days…

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