How to steam milk at home

Everyone wants great coffee shop coffee when making their own at home, but not everyone knows the secret to a really good coffee. Whilst coffee beans are a crucial part to a great coffee, people often forget that milk can make or break your favourite drink. From burning the milk to frothing it like bubble bath, there’s a particular skill to steaming milk. Watch this video to learn how to steam your milk correctly at home.


Steaming milk is essential if you want to create a delicious cappuccino, flat white, latte or any other coffee drink. It not only transforms your drink in terms of taste and texture, but also allows you to create incredible latte art designs.


As one of the understated factors of coffee, steaming your milk correctly takes your coffee from average to luxurious. Learn all the hints, tips and need-to-know information here so you can make the most delicious drink with perfectly steamed milk.

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